Why VCS?

Christian Focus

Parents choose VCS because it is first and foremost a Christian school which is focused on integrating the Word of God into every aspect of school life. Victory reinforces the principles and values being taught in the home and church.

  • I chose VCS  for its Christ-centered education and for its Godly teachers.
  • A close-knit Christian family environment was our #1 requirement.
  • We wanted a high school that would give our children a strong foundation in Christ before they launched into college and the world.

High Quality, College-Prep Education

Victory graduates have been accepted into some of the most prestigious schools in the United States. Pepperdine, LeTourneau, UCLA, Cal Poly, West Point and the Air Force Academy are just a few of the universities our alumni have gone on to attend.

  • We were looking for a school with strong scholastic education and high SAT scores.
  • Christian education and college readiness classes were high on our list.
  • We chose Victory for its Christian principles, it’s high quality education and it’s loving family of teachers and administrators.
  • We wanted our children to receive a great education academically and to be challenged to grow in their walk with the Lord.

Affordable Tuition

Victory’s tuition has remained one of the lowest in the Sacramento area for a school of its size and reputation. One of our top priorities is to maintain our excellent academics as well as the extra programs such as music, art, choir, band, and physical education.

  • One reason we chose Victory is because of the reduced tuition fees for multiple family members. With six children, we really need this
  • We chose Victory because of its affordability and the intimacy of the small class sizes.  In addition, the kids are lovingly encouraged to live Godly lives.

Experienced and Caring Staff

Our teachers and staff love their jobs as well as the students. They concern themselves with both the academic as well as spiritual aspects of each child.

  • Eleven years ago I watched the Kindergarten teacher engage every child in her classroom.  Even the one not paying attention answered his question correctly!  I saw that her teaching was her ministry, not just her job.
  • The teachers  really know and care about their students.
  • The loving family of teachers and administrators attracted us.
  • The reason I continue to choose VCS is that the teachers care about not only my daughter’s academics but also her spiritual and moral values.

Positive Peer Influence

Because our school and our families share Biblical values, our students don’t experience the same pressure to conform to the world’s standards as do some of their counterparts at other schools.

  • We know a number of families with children at Victory and we liked what we saw in the character of the family members.
  • I wanted to surround my children with others that are being taught good values. Peer relationships with the same Godly values are so important.

Family Atmosphere

The size of our school enables our teachers and students to know each other by name. Our young people readily share prayer requests and concerns, knowing that they will be prayed for.

  • My daughter loves the environment and the closeness of the school students.
  • The close-knit Christian family environment was the #1 reason for us.
  • We’ve been with Victory for 11 years. Now it is like family.

Safe Environment

The size of our campus makes for a secure and close-knit environment. Our common belief in God and His Word provides our children the opportunity to socialize and grow in an atmosphere where Christian morals are highly valued.

  • We wanted a school where our children would be free to express their faith.
  • One reason we are at Victory is the clean, healthy, moral environment.
  • I feel that my children are safe at Victory.

Small Classes

Victory’s size ensures that our students have access to their teachers for the help they need. Our use of Power School also keeps access to each student’s progress at the tips of each parent’s fingers.

  • We chose Victory for the small class sizes, its commitment to God’s word and its high academics.
  • Small student body, high educational standards, Christian environment and Christian community of students and families appealed to us.

Competitive Sports Programs

It’s those extracurricular opportunities that round out the school experience for most students. Victory boasts a variety of sports and the opportunity for league competition at both the junior high and high school levels.

  • VCS has quality coaches who mentor athletes and set a Godly example. Athletes are held to a higher standard of behavior during games.
  • VCS has a competitive sports program.
  • Our children enjoy the sports programs and the Christ-like attitude that is emphasized when playing.

Strong Tradition

For over 50 years, Victory Christian School has been working to provide the very best education for children in grades K – 12 while equipping them to go out and reach the world for Christ.

  • Victory was recommended to me by my Bible Study Fellowship leader for its Christ and Bible centered education.
  • I was attracted to Victory because it is a Christian school with an established history.
  • We looked into VCS because of its reputation for being a solid, Christ-centered program and its academic excellence.