Elementary Curriculum

Our elementary curriculum provides a rich sequential flow, emphasizing the basics. The following subjects are taught:

  • Bible
  • Language Arts (reading, writing, spelling, grammar)
  • Social Studies
  • Mathematics
  • Science (includes Health and Safety)
  • Music
  • Physical Education

Over the years, our teachers have attended in-service training that adds exciting, relevant, and enriching activities to the basic curriculum.

All Elementary grades use iPads with teacher direction and supervision. The 5th and 6th grades use the computer lab under the direction of their teachers.

Our music program incorporates fun, theory, ministry and performance.

Students enjoy a well rounded physical education program. They are challenged to build basic skills which lead up to a strong competitive sports program. Our P.E. teacher, Mrs. Davis, is superior in the area of developing Biblical character in the lives of the students as they grow physically and emotionally. Nutrition and good eating habits are emphasized within the program.

Recognizing the need to have a well balanced education, all grades participate in our Art Docent program, band instruction begins in fifth grade, and computer basics are introduced in third and fourth grade.

The school’s position on Common Core can be found here.