Spiritual Life Elementary

Each class has a Bible curriculum that they are taught daily.  Many times these lessons will have an application that is used through craft, skits, or a service project.  In addition to the lesson, the students will be memorizing a Bible verse each week that relates to that week’s lesson theme.

Students enjoy weekly chapels that feature singing and worship. Bible lessons are presented by guest speakers. Student involvement is encouraged with opportunities such as being part of the praise team, leading the salutes, doing skits, or using other talents they might have.

Christian character lessons are stressed and taught in all grades. The Character themes of Respect, Responsibility, Integrity, and Fruit of the Spirit are defined, discussed, and applied in a variety of fun ways through creative “hands on” projects. There is a bulletin board in the front entrance displaying the names of students who have been nominated for displaying one of these character traits during the school year.

Each year our school adopts a mission organization that our student can minister to.  A chapel is used to show slides and explain to our students what the mission’s purpose is.  Throughout part of the year, we take weekly offerings during chapel to send to the mission we are supporting.  We always pick a very specific project from that mission that our students respond to.  The money is counted and shown weekly on our office mission bulletin board for parents and student to see.