About VCS

Victory Christian Schools is an evangelical, non-denominational Christian school system serving the greater Sacramento region since 1963.

It is our calling to disciple young people to follow the Word of God, exemplified in the life of Jesus Christ. We believe that all of life successes, academic or otherwise, stem from the development of a dynamic relationship with God and reliance on His plan for one’s life.

We believe that true education begins with character. As a result, we are able to guide our students academically with a rigorous college preparatory curriculum, secure in the knowledge that they are able to work wholeheartedly at whatever task they are required to complete.

We also strive to give our students a vision of their lives within the larger content of family and community. We believe that the parent-school relationship provides the greatest arena for learning and personal growth. Through this, we make every effort to promote the parent-student relationship. We also seek to create a welcoming community of students, parents, faculty and staff that are dedicated to helping one another succeed and fulfill God’s plan for their lives.