Jr/HS Curriculum

Victory Christian High School is an independent, ACSI and WASC accredited Christian school preparing students academically, spiritually, and socially to meet the challenges of adulthood. Academic excellence and developing a Christ-like character are central to our mission.

Victory Christian High School offers a wide variety of college preparatory and general education classes:

Theology Proper
Christian Living


 English 9
 English 10
 American Literature
 British Literature
 AP English Literature & Composition


 Algebra 1
 Algebra 2
 Honors Pre-Calculus
 Applied Calculus
 AP Calculus


 Physical Science
 Conceptual Physics
 AP Physics
 AP Biology

 World History
 U.S. History
 AP Government

Spanish 1
 Spanish 2
 Spanish 3
 Spanish 4
Boys Physical Education
 Girls Physical Education
 Weight Training

 Art Appreciation and History
 Developing and Applying Personal Art Skills
 Drama 1-2


 Computer Applications
 Computer Science
 Health Education
 Psychology (Independent Study)

Biblical principles are an integral part of all courses of study offered at Victory Christian Schools. Our curriculum ensures students achieve greater academic and spiritual wisdom through experiences that fuse scientific theories, current events, pressing issues, and teach principles through the lens of a Biblical world-view shaped by their knowledge of truth as revealed in God’s word.

Victory Christians Schools strives to use Christian textbooks whenever possible. Since our overall goal is excellence in education, some non-Christian textbooks are used. In either situation, much review and prayer has gone into the decision, and VCS teachers integrate the Word of God into each and every subject.

The school’s position on Common Core can be found here.