In 1963 a group of concerned pastors and parents met together to lay the framework for a Christian day school. Their desire was to provide a Christ-centered education which would be a support and an extension of the Christian families in the community. Pastor Robert Jeffcott and several other Godly men and women drew up the framework and started the school with 15 students in 1963. Victory Christian Schools started at the North Highlands Bible Church. For each of the first four years, the school doubled in size; then it continued to grow as students, teachers, and additional grades were added. In 1972, the current property on Garfield and Robertson in Carmichael was purchased.

In 1986, the new gymnasium building was completed two weeks before school began. The elementary grades, kindergarten through sixth, moved from Arcade Baptist Church to occupy the brick building and one of the portables. The Jr. High and High School occupied the other portable and the classrooms in the new building.

Over the years, we have grown to a full enrollment in our facilities and have a kindergarten through 6th grade elementary school and a Jr. Hi/High School. Our Transitional Kindergarten program began Fall of 2024.

God has blessed and prospered the school over the years. A Godly group of volunteer men and women who have been faithful to the fundamentals of the faith have continued to direct and lead the school. They have invested their lives giving countless hours to provide sound leadership and direction. The Lord has provided us with committed parents, teachers, and staff who have sacrificed for this ministry. We praise God for His blessing!