Dual Enrollment

Victory Christian High School is pleased to announce that our students have the option of dual enrollment with some of our classes. We have certain courses that have been approved by Colorado Christian University to receive college credit. If a student registers their class with the university, it is then placed on the university’s transcript to be applied to many colleges across the country.

The university will charge $200 per course.

The following seven courses have been approved:

  • AP Chemistry and General Chemistry will each receive 5 credits fulfilling General Chemistry CHM 121/131 (lab)
  • Honors Pre-Calculus will fulfill Math 115 (Pre-Calculus) for 3 credits
  • AP Calculus or Applied Calculus will receive 3 credits for Math 141 (Calculus)
  • AP English will fulfill English 201 (Introduction to Literature) and receive 3 credits
  • American Literature will fulfill English 202 (American Literature I) with 3 credits

Why CCU? Colorado Christian University is a four-year liberal arts school that is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools. CCU’s accreditation allows you to use your credit at CCU or transfer it to another college or university.

Why Dual Credit? Dual enrollment is a way to cut-down the cost of college education by fulfilling some of the general education classes. You can get started on your college education and save money while getting ahead. It is the responsibility of the student to contact schools of interest in order to determine if credit will transfer.

How to get started:

  • Check with the colleges to which you are considering applying that they will accept CCU’s courses. Here is the website to help you: http://www.ccu.edu/uploadedFiles/Pages/Academics/Undergraduate_Programs/DC_SchoolAccept.pdf
  • Register for your course with CCU at https://secure.ccu.edu/dualcredits
  • Pay $200 course fee at the time of registration. (Usually opens in July and ends in October) This is a great value at a much reduced rate compared to CCU’s cost per credit hour.
  • When signing up for the science courses, be sure to check the lab portion. There is no extra charge for this, and it is essential for the credit, or it will be labeled as a non-lab course.
  • Earn a C or above to ensure your credit is valid at CCU or almost any school in the nation.


1.Which is better for my child, taking an AP course and subsequent exam or submitting the AP course for Dual Enrollment without taking the exam?

Normally, college credit is given for any AP exam score with a 3 or above. Please make sure to consult your student’s college of interest as to their acceptance of credit. College credit is also available through Dual Enrollment without the exam. The decision whether or not to take the exam depends on the university’s policy on the number of credits given by the AP score. Sometimes more credits are given for a high AP score than what is being offered through Dual Enrollment. On the other hand, if a student taking AP feels they will not do well on the exam, they then have an opportunity through Dual Enrollment to get college credit. If a student earns an A with a 5 on the AP test at CCU, they will receive the same credit as someone who earns a C and a 2 on the exam (although the grades will show up differently on the transcripts).

www.collegeboard.org/college-search will help in the process of searching for the acceptance of AP score credits. Search for your college, click on “Applying”, and then click on “AP”.

2. How will I know if the courses offered on the CCU transcript will be accepted on the courses needed for general education credits at my college of choice?

This is where research comes into play. Each university has their policies. In most circumstances a general chemistry course, for example, is accepted as a general chemistry course at another college even though the numerals for the courses are different.

3. Will my child be considered a transfer student since credits at CCU are available, or will he/she still be a first-time freshman when applying?
 Since the transcript shows the courses as Dual Enrollment, the student is still considered a first-time freshman at most universities. Again, research should be done to make sure this applies to your child if academic scholarships are being offered.

 4. If my child is going into a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) major, is an AP course necessary if they have received dual enrollment credit for the general course?

There is a gap in the topics covered and the depth in which these topics are covered between the general and the AP courses. We strongly recommend that the prospective STEM majors take the AP courses to give them the necessary foundation for college.

Registration for Fall 2016/2017 School Year
Opens:  July 1, 2016
Closes:  October 30, 2016 (full refund if course dropped by 10/30/16)
Drop Deadline:  October 30, 2016 (no refund and grade of W after 10/30/16)

How Do I Order My Transcript?
Go to https://www.ccu.edu/transcript for an online order. Indicate on your order that you wish to have your transcript held until current semester grades are posted.

How Do I Drop a Course?
The last day to drop a course is October 30. You will need to fill out a drop form found at https://apps.ccu.edu/dualcredit/DC_Drop_Withdraw_2015.pdf.

For More Information
Visit http://www.ccu.edu/dualcreditprogram or email the program at dualcredit@ccu.edu or call 303-963-3029.