Junior High/High School

Daily Announcements

Skip’s Fundraiser TONIGHT!

Tuesday, November 1, 2022

Happy Birthday!

Max Chop. 11/1


Student Duties:


Tutoring  Mondays: Rm 2 | Wednesdays: Rm 1  | Fridays: Rm 11

Monday: Debi C. and Marcus S. | Wednesday: Ryan D. and Alex S. | Friday: Kylee E. and Emma W.

Lunch Cleanup: Jack G. and Malaki S. (yes you have it again!)

*You must come to the office after lunch!* 

 Sales Week – Seniors






Muffins and Bagels

Teriyaki Chicken and Rice


Something Yummy

Little Caesar’s Pizza


Something Yummy

Mac and Cheese


Cinnamon Rolls and Donuts

N/A (minimum day)

Student News

The overwhelming vote of the Disgusting Little Pumpkin-Shaped Candy Day has decided the pumpkin candies really are……. DELICIOUS!!!

Student Council – Scarecrows and prizes are due by TODAY, November 1!

Verse-by-Verse – (VXV) is held every Tuesday during lunch in Room 4.  Bring your lunch with you as Mr. Withers takes you into the depths of God’s Word one verse at a time.  This is open for all Jr. and Sr. High Students who long to know how to sturdy the Word of God.


Attention all students – Do NOT pour any liquids other than water down the drinking fountain drains! If you have leftover liquids that need to be disposed of, throw them away in trash cans, NOT in the drains! Thanks!

Sports Information

Cross Country



Calaveras County Fairgrounds


IOU Information


Jake K. $2.75, Lucas R. $1, Austin P. $2

IOUs Due Today

IOUs Due Wednesday

Giuliana P. $2, Daniel G. $2


Teacher Duties:

Lunchtime: 11:45-12:00: Mrs. Baginski

Lunchtime: 12:00-12:15: Mrs. Richardson

Afterschool: 3-3:15: Ms. Thom

Detention (Wednesday): Mr. Jeffrey

Treat and Cleanup: Mr. DeMasi