Junior High/High School

Daily Announcements

Periods 4 – 7 Today!!

Friday, November 3, 2023

                          Student Duties:

  Tutoring: Mondays: Room 2  | Wednesdays: Room 11             10/30 Grace A. & Kaleb B.        11/1 Jackie C. & Debi C.         

  Lunch Cleanup: Aaron P. & Zalaiah B.



 Sales Week- 10th Grade




Minimum Day!!

Student News

Minimum Day – TODAY school is out at 11:45!  We will have Periods 4-7!

CHESS CLUB – Sign up in the hallway for the first VCS Chess Club Open!! It will be held from 3:15-? On Wednesday, 11/28. This is an open competition, all players are welcome! Prizes will be awarded!!

ALL Students

Up Coming Sport Games

Cross Country High School Last Meet

11/11          Saturday               Folsom High School

IOU Information


Elianna R. .25¢, Paula T. $1, Elise A. $1.50,


Paula T. $1, Elise A. $1.50,

IOU’S Due 11/4

 Nathan N. $2, Daniel G. $1, Lucas S. $2, Valerie P. $1

Teacher Duties

Lunchtime: 11:45-12:00: Mr. deMasi

Lunchtime: 12:00-12:15: Miss Souto

Afterschool: 3-3:15: Mrs. Paduraru

Detention (Monday):Ms Thom

Treat and Cleanup: Mrs. Richardson