Junior High/High School

Daily Announcements

Wednesday, May 10, 2023

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!

Spirit Days

Wednesday: Career Day

Thursday: Sports day

Friday: VCS Spirit Day


Senior Summer Birthdays!

Hudson J. 6/10

Student Duties:

Tutoring  Mondays: Rm 2 | Wednesdays: Rm 1  | Fridays: Rm 11

Friday: Ella C. and Kaylee R.

Lunch Cleanup: Clean up after yourselves!

 Sales Week – 9th Grade










Something Yummy


Breakfast Burritos


Student News

No tutoring TODAY, 5/10!!


Attention students – Yearbook is making a page about snow days the students went on this year. Come into the office to pick up a questionnaire!

8th-11th Graders – All scheduling forms are now OVERDUE! $10 late fee is now due with your scheduling form!

Seniors – Make sure to visit Mrs. Doria in the office to confirm your graduation program details before TOMORROW (5/10)!

8th Graders – There will be a class meeting TODAY (5/10) during lunch in Room 7!!

ATTENTION STUDENTS AND STAFF, what’s poppin!  There will be posters of what to throw in the recycling/trash cans so we can have a better/cleaner environment.  Those of you who aren’t listening, LISTEN UP! Genesis 2:15 says, “Then God took the man and put him in the garden of Eden to tend and keep it.” So let’s try to live out this Bible verse in our daily lives at school by recycling.  Thank you.

Attention students AND staff – The freshman class is starting a compost bin! We need your help! Please put your food scraps in the new compost bin (located in the lobby). Plant-based scraps only! No animal products please.

Attention Juniors! – If you are interested in being on Student Council next year, come to a meeting in Room 7 at lunch on TOMORROW (5/11) with your new advisor, Ms. Souto!

Graduation has been put on hold until Mrs. Gulliford’s name plate “Executive Principal”  is returned to her office.


IOU Information


Makiah B. $2, Sasha G. $2, Max S. $1, Chloe F. $2, Jaclyn B. $1, John D. $1.50

IOUs Due Today

Jackie C. $2, Mishelle T. $2, Ella K. $1

IOUs Due Thursday

Jesse S. $2, Lyzee V. $1, Ally P. $1.75, Jaden Sm. $2


Teacher Duties

Lunchtime: 11:45-12:00: Ms. Thom

Lunchtime: 12:00-12:15: Mrs. Montgomery

Afterschool: 3-3:15: Mr. Williams

Detention (Wednesday): Mrs. Baginski

Treat and Cleanup: Mrs. Marriott