Junior High/High School

Daily Announcements

Special Chapel Today!

Thursday, May 19, 2022

Happy Birthday!

Emma W. 5/20

Student Duties:

Tutoring Mondays (Room 2)  Fridays (Room 1)

Lunch Cleanup: Jaclyn B. and Sasha G.

*You must come to the office after lunch!*


 Sales Week – Sophomores






Red dirt pretzels

Mac and Cheese

Student News

Lockers – Please begin to clean out your lockers this week! Any items left in the lockers after Friday, May 27 will be donated!

IOU’s  – NO more IOU’s will be giving out for the remainder of the school year.

IOU Information


IOU’S Due Today

IOU’S Due Friday

Daniel G. $1, Angelina D. $1, Adam S. $1.50, Emily H. .25¢, Jackie C. $1,

Jaeden C. $1.25, Isabella G. $1.75

Teacher Duties:

Lunchtime: 11:45-12:00: Mrs. Marriott

Lunchtime: 12:00-12:15: Mrs. Gulliford

Afterschool: 3-3:15: Mr. Owen

Detention (Tuesday): Mr. Withers

Treat and Cleanup: Mrs. Marriott