Junior High/High School

Daily Announcements

Tuesday, May 2, 2023


Sam T. 5/3, Alexis M. 5/3, Nathan N. 5/5, Mrs. Marriott 5/5, Alex S. 5/7

Student Duties:

Tutoring  Mondays: Rm 2 | Wednesdays: Rm 1  | Fridays: Rm 11

No tutoring this week

Lunch Cleanup: Clean up after yourselves!

 Sales Week – 10th Grade









Root Beer Floats



Cereal Bar



Root Beer Floats

Dino Nuggies with Chick-Fil-A sauce

Student News

Golfers – You will be leaving at 9:30 am TODAY (5/2) for your golf tournament.


ATTENTION STUDENTS AND STAFF, what’s poppin!  There will be posters of what to throw in the recycling/trash cans so we can have a better/cleaner environment.  Those of you who aren’t listening, LISTEN UP! Proverbs 12:10 says, “whoever is righteous has regard for the life of his beast, but the mercy of the wicked is cruel.” So let’s try to live out this Bible verse in our daily lives at school by recycling.  Thank you.

Attention students AND staff – The freshman class is starting a compost bin! We need your help! Please put your food scraps in the new compost bin (located in the lobby). Plant-based scraps only! No animal products please.

Dual Enrollment – There will be a Dual Enrollment info meeting at lunch on Monday (5/8) in Room 4!

Attention Juniors! – If you are interested in being on Student Council next year, come to a meeting in Room 7 at lunch on Tuesday (5/9) with your new advisor, Ms. Souto!

Graduation has been put on hold until Mrs. Gulliford’s name plate “Executive Principal”  is returned to her office.


8th-11th Graders – Scheduling Forms are due on Friday, May 5.  After that, a $10 late fee will be added.


Attention students – Just a reminder that you need to stay within the parameters of the JH/HS campus when eating lunch. Please do not go to your cars, behind the gym, to the elementary campus, or to the front of the school (the part facing Garfield). If you need access to any of these off-limits places, please come talk to the office.

Do NOT eat any food in the GYM (unless for and event).  Anyone caught with food in the GYM will be given a detention!!


Monday Morning Prayer – We invite you to join your classmates this Monday for morning prayer in the Gym from 7:30-7:45.  Chaplain Hudson Jones will be leading us in a time of purposeful prayer for our school as we begin a new week.

Verse-By-Verse – (VXV) is held every Tuesday during lunch in Room 4.  Bring your lunch with you as Mr. Withers takes you into the depths of God’s Word one verse at a time.  This is open for all Jr. and Sr. High Students who long to know how to study the Word of God.


Sports Information

Golf Tournament

    5/2                  Tuesday                                                The Ridge in Auburn                                                                9:30 am


Varsity Boys Baseball



Woodland Christian

Woodland Christian



IOU Information


Gianna G. $2, John D. $2, Alexis M. $1, Lyzee V. $1

IOUs Due Today

Jaclyn B. $1.50, Michelle C. $2

IOUs Due Wednesday

Makiah B. .50¢, Polina L. $1, Spencer S. $1


Teacher Duties

Lunchtime: 11:45-12:00: Mr. Sterling

Lunchtime: 12:00-12:15: Mrs. L. Jones

Afterschool: 3-3:15: Ms. Thom

Detention (Wednesday): Mr. Williams

Treat and Cleanup: Mr. Lauwers